Alakh Pandey: Never had a home to live in, today Physics Wallah earns crores of rupees, know the whole story…

physicswallah alakh panday

The house was never meant to be lived in: “Physics Wala” is a household name in today’s digital age. Physics Wala was founded by Alakh Pandey with a big dream. Since the founder of Physics worked hard and dedicatedly to fulfill his dream,

So he has become a bright spot for crores of children across the country. There was a time when Alakh Pandey had only Rs 5000 to run his household. He has now reached a valuation of $1 million for his company. Social media keeps collecting headlines about them.

People are very fond of him. Let us examine his journey in more detail today.

luck changed from youtube channel

In 2014, Alakh Pandey started a YouTube channel named Physics Wala. The company is currently valued at $1 billion. Alakh Pandey wrote in his 12th class paper copy that he would be India’s biggest physics teacher by 2016. He has become so famous today because of his positive thinking.

The father’s shadow rose from the head in the sixth class itself.

There has always been a struggle in Alakh Pandey’s life. His father died in the sixth grade. After this the condition of his family worsened. Alakh used to teach tuition to children from the eighth grade itself.

left engineering midway

In the middle of his engineering studies, Alakh Pandey left Kanpur and returned to Prayagraj. When he joined a coaching center, he continued his passion for teaching children. As a coach, he was paid a salary of Rs 5,000.

so many million subscribe on youtube

Four years ago Physics Wala launched a YouTube channel. He started teaching children online in 2017. During this, the number of his subscribers was four thousand.

In 2019, the number of subscribers increased to 2 million. Corona and Alakh were teaching coaching for Rs 999, which increased the demand for online coaching.

Today, the company is valued at $1 billion due to the popularity of its physics coaching.