And how much will have to wait for Toyota vehicles, may have to wait for 1 year…

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And how long will have to wait for Toyota vehicles: The Innova High Cross MPV was recently launched in the Indian market by Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM). For the top-end Strong Hybrid variant, the MPV costs Rs 28.97 lakh (both prices ex-showroom, India). The car can be booked online or at your nearest dealership for Rs.50,000.

Innova Highcross MPV

There are two variants of the Hycross MPV, G and GX, and three petrol hybrid variants, VX, ZX and ZX(O). Seven and eight seats are available in the G, GX and VX models, while only seven seats are available in the ZX(O) and ZX(X) models.

waiting period

This car will take a long time to arrive if you have already booked it. The waiting period for the lower variant of the Strong Hybrid is around 10 months, while the waiting period for this car is up to 1 year.


The Innova Highcross is available with two engines – a 2.0-litre NA petrol engine and an Atkinson Cycle String Hybrid petrol engine. With the E-Drive transmission, the hybrid powertrain produces 184 horsepower. The non-hybrid petrol engine produces 172 HP and 205 Nm.