Didi forgot to turn, video went viral on social media.

Video viral fast on social media

Video viral fast on social media- Driving is not a big deal in today’s date, just a little practice is required and then you can drive comfortably.

But for some people driving is a big Mahabharata. No matter how much he practices, he is not able to drive properly.

In such a situation, the chances of accident increase a lot. In such a situation, people often make jokes that they do not know how to drive properly.

In such a situation, a video is going viral on social media in which a girl meets with an accident while driving. In the video, a girl was driving a scooty, but forgot to turn the scooty at the turning point.

Whatever happened after this, only the girl would know about it. But whatever is being seen in the video, it can be inferred that the girl must have suffered serious injuries.

After all, who drives such a car that he forgets to turn the car at the turning point. This video has been uploaded on Instagram and it is written in the caption that Didi forgot to turn.