Doctor Bakshi Movie Review – A Bengali Movie

Doctor Bakshi Movie Review

Doctor Bakshi Movie Review – A new movie full of crime, thriller and mystery is going to be released in the month of January, the name of this film is Doctor Bakshi and it will be seen in theaters on January 20, 2023. In today’s article we Doctor Bakshi Movie Review In Hindi Brought to you in Hindi in which you will get every information related to a movie

Dr Bakshi Movie Review

This is a Bengali movie which you will get to see in Hindi also after its release. The total budget of this movie is being told around 12 crore 50 lakhs. Now it has to be seen whether Doctor Bhakti movie will be hit or flop anyway. name The director of this movie has jointly written the story of this movie. In this movie you will get to see the cast of Bangalore film industry.

This film will be of 2 hours 10 minutes, in this you will get to see a lot of crime and drama, now if we talk about the main actors of this movie, then you will get to see many other actors along with them, all these actors are very famous in the Bengali film industry. We have given you the complete cast list of the movie below.

Doctor Bakshi Movie Cast List

  • Parambrata Chattopadhyay
  • Subhashree Ganguly
  • Akshay Kapoor
  • Mahi Kar
  • Bonny Sengupta
  • Devtanu
  • Rahul Roy

Dr Bakshi Movie Release Date

This movie will be released on Friday, 20 January 2023, which if you want to see first, then you will have to book tickets online, then you will be able to see the first show of the first day of this movie, now we will know something about the story of this movie. That dr bakshi movie story how is it

Dr Bakshi Movie Story

When a novelist gets caught up in a murder mystery, Dr. Bakshi uses his medical practice to uncover hidden secrets from the past. The story of the movie revolves around this. You will find this story completely different. There will be many interesting and exciting twists in the story of this movie, it will compel you to watch the whole, even for a moment you will not be bored with its story, this movie can be seen sitting with the whole family.

Dr Bakshi Movie Trailer

The first trailer of this movie was released on Sony Music India’s YouTube channel on 14 December 2022, which was about to complete 800000 days by 15 July 20203 and more than 13000 viewers have liked Train Rail, this trailer is about 2 minutes 26 seconds In which some glimpses of the story are seen, people are liking the trailer very well, but what kind of response the audience will get to the whole film, it is going to be known only after the release.


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