Fact: A place where as soon as the daughter becomes young, then the father marries his daughter

A place where as soon as she is young the daughter

A place where as soon as the daughter becomes youngThe world is so strange that it is hard to believe everything we see and hear. However, they are true. People all over the world follow many traditional practices.

Many unethical practices are going on over the years, and they are causing serious harm to the society. In Bangladesh, the people of Mandi bury their dead with their belongings as a traditional practice.

In the Mandi tribe, a daughter can be married only by her father. There are only a few tribes that follow this practice. As a tradition, fathers raise their daughters from an early age. And then when they are young they make them their wives. The people of Mandi marry widows at a young age and their daughters also marry them.

Marrying a young widow is not only acceptable but also prevalent in this community. As a result, the man’s stepdaughter also becomes his wife. When a girl becomes young, she is married by her father to the man whom she calls her father since childhood. According to the information, Bangladesh has been running this evil practice for centuries, not only today but for centuries.


To successfully practice stepmothering, the father must be the stepmother. A widow is often taken as a wife by a man when the daughter of his previous marriage reaches a certain age.

Incest is not initiated by the father, but by the husband, who may provide protection for his wife and daughter for a long, youthful time. Girls of the Mandi tribe have suffered devastating consequences from Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Despite calling him her father since childhood, she is now forced to call him her husband.

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