Imli Part 2 Trailer: Ullu released the trailer of the second part of Imli, a web series full of innocence and romance

Imli Part 2

Imli Part 2 Trailer– The trailer of the second installment of Imlie was recently released by Ullu App. Imlie is looking innocent and romantic in the entire trailer.

Ullu is known for its bold and hot content. Before Imlie, Ullu has made many bold series like Love Guru, Monica. Imlie Part 2 will premiere on Ullu App on 24th January.

The story revolves around a girl named Imlie, who wants to achieve huge fame. She wants to earn money by becoming a famous dancer.

The series features several men trying to take advantage of the girl who promise her that they will make her a star and that life will be set. But what happens next, you will have to wait for the release of Part 2.