Infosys was started by taking a loan from his wife, today it is a 2 lakh crore company

Infosys was started by taking a loan from his wife.

Infosys was started by taking a loan from his wife.Today the market capitalization of the company started with 7 people in 10 thousand rupees is 1.32 lakh crore rupees. In such a situation, we are talking about the country’s second largest IT company Infosys, which was established about four decades ago and since then has created many milestones to become one of the most successful companies in the country. This is the case.

Infosys was founded in 1981 with a corpus of Rs 10,000 by seven young engineers working together in Bangalore.

This company as an IT service provider is the result of the combined efforts of these associates who used to work for Patni Computer Systems. Arora, Nandan Nilekani, NS Raghavan, NR Narayana Murthy, SD Shibulal and K Dinesh were among its founders.

Narayan Murthy started the company by taking a loan from his wife.

Information technology giant Infosys was founded by NR Narayana Murthy and his wife Sudha. Starting with meager resources, the company gradually grew to become one of the largest IT companies in the country.

Its founders used to work for Patni Computer, which was later acquired by iGate Corp and then by Capgemini in 2011.

In contrast, Infosys, which had less experience, climbed the ladder of success year after year. By March 31, 2022, the company’s market capitalization reached $ 16 billion and the number of employees reached 3.14 lakh.

9 percent share of IT sector in GDP

Salil Parekh and his co-founders on Wednesday celebrated the company’s four decades in the IT industry by brainstorming on future strategies for the sector. Indian IT generated more than 9 percent of the country’s GDP in the last financial year, and it contributed to more than half of its total service exports.

First Indian company to be listed on American Exchange

In 1999, Infosys became the first Indian company to be listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange. The company has made many achievements in the last four decades. Infosys became the second Indian IT company after TCS to cross the $100 billion mark in July last year.

These services made the king

Infosys has seen its business grow after providing various technology related services to its clients. The company uses a cloud service platform called ‘Cobalt’ to provide services related to digital transformation to its customers.

Like CyberNext, Tennis Platforms provides data analytics and AI services, while CyberNext provides cyber security solutions. Leap is a platform for enterprise development and management provided by Company.

Made a big change in the year 2014

Furthermore, only the co-founders of the company have been given significant responsibilities since the company’s inception. Dinesh left the company’s board in 2011, while Arora resigned from the board in 1989.

Murthy was one of the five co-founders who steered the company. The company underwent a change in 2014 when Vishal Sikka became the CEO for the first time after Murthy stepped down. However, Sikka’s journey full of controversies also ended after three years.

Bought 21 companies so far

When the experiences of Nilekani and Salil Parekh breathed new life into Infosys, it seemed that the company was on the verge of collapse. Infosys has so far acquired 21 small and big companies.

In the last five years, 11 of these companies have been acquired. One of the biggest acquisitions was by Lodestone Management Consultant AG in 2012 for $355 million (about Rs 3,000 crore).

first company to adopt aesop

Throughout its history, Infosys has embraced innovation and innovation. Aesop’s gift was first given to Indian IT sector employees in 1993 for this very reason. Under this plan the employees get a share out of the shares of the company.

However, investment firms say that Infosys as a brand attracts a lot of employees initially, but lags behind in terms of pay and employee retention compared to other companies in the industry.