Maharaja Express: Such a train of India whose ticket costs 20 lakhs, know more information

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Such a train of India whose ticket costs 20 lakhs , Social media users are going crazy over a video of the country’s most expensive train. In the video, a person is telling about the world class facilities in the train. You will be surprised to know the cost of the ticket for the most expensive coach of the Maharaja Express train. The facilities provided in this train are similar to those of its namesake Maharaja train.

The Maharaja Express train is operated by the Indian Rail Tourism Corporation. This train runs on four routes in the country. You can choose from four routes. It takes 7 days to complete this journey. You only need seven days to enjoy this luxury train.

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a ticket of 20 lakh rupees

Luxury amenities provided by Maharaja Train’s official website include large windows, complimentary minibar, air conditioning, WiFi, live TV, DVD player, and large windows. Apart from Heritage of India Tour, Treasure of India Tour, Indian Panorama Tour and Indian Splendor Tour, Maharaja Express offers four other tours. It costs up to 20 lakh rupees to ride this train.

how many coaches are there

A Maharaja Express coach can be classified as a deluxe cabin, a suite, a junior suite or a presidential suite. There are two types of packages you can choose from in this train. The first is of three nights and four days and the second of six nights and seven days. Everyone has different rent. A double occupancy fare for this fare is also cheaper on the website. Also, there is a difference in fares for adults and others.

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