My story: Despite being married, I fell in love with a tenant boy

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Despite being married, I fell in love with the tenant boy, Marriage Affair: When a woman is not loved by her partner, she often makes mistakes. This cannot be called a mistake because every partner wants his partner to fulfill his wishes, but sometimes husbands are unable to fulfill the wishes of their wives even after wanting to.

After this happens for a long time, women will eventually start looking for happiness in other people. If the wife does not fulfill the wishes of the husband, then if the wife is not fulfilled, the husband will also seek happiness elsewhere. Today we are telling such a case.

As a married woman, I have two children. I am turning 33 in my 32nd year. I have been married only a few years. Still, I don’t love my husband at all.


There is only one thing lacking in my marriage: love. It is the same with my husband. I am not worried about them. Till now I have not been able to fulfill any of my wishes from my husband. No matter what I did, it was impossible for us to have a relationship.

Now that we live separately, we don’t talk to each other. There is nothing like husband-wife relationship between us. Despite my parents’ opposition, I will not consummate the marriage.

This is how our love story began

The rent is paid by a boy who lives with us. Apart from being handsome, he is also very intelligent. Our friendship developed because he would often bring stuff down to pick me up. It was common for us to spend a lot of time talking to each other.

It is a pleasure to spend time with him. My tenant and I entered into a relationship for that reason. My ongoing affair with my tenant has now escalated. My mother-in-law came to my room just a few days ago when I was having a good time with her. We disclosed our illegal relations to him.

My mother-in-law was suspicious earlier too

I stopped going to my in-laws’ house long ago, and they used to be suspicious of me. We live in another city as I live in another city with my husband. This is not our house where my in-laws live.

It had been a long time since I had visited my in-laws’ place, but my husband used to visit his parents every week. My mother-in-law has asked me this question many times, but I have avoided her every time with some pretext or the other. Recently I had a surprise meeting with my mother-in-law.

One of my tenants saw me having an affair with him. As a result, I had no words to say to her at that time. Despite my repeated requests, they haven’t said anything to me yet. However, I am appalled by his silence. As far as I know, she won’t do anything to me.

This marriage is important to me and I do not want it to end. In other words, I had an affair to fill the void in my life that my husband couldn’t fill, no matter how hard he tried.

Know what experts say

Dr. Chandni Tugnait says I can understand how painful this whole situation is for you. It was only a few days ago when your mother-in-law came to know about your affair with the tenant. He hasn’t said anything to you yet.

You also do not want your marriage to end, but you do not understand what to do next? It seems to me from your words that you are still entangled in many things. This is because you are still not able to take any right decision for yourself.

It’s hard for you to figure out what you want out of life. The only thing that worries you is that your mother-in-law knows everything about you. As you mentioned, it is important for you not to break your marriage. In such a situation, first of all I want to ask you whether it is really so.

If so, then the first thing you should do is talk to your mother-in-law. How did he feel when he was talking to her? If your mother-in-law feels uncomfortable doing this, she may not want to talk about the situation.

You should discuss whatever happened with them. You must be honest with them. It is time for you to tell them that you are unhappy in your marriage.

Also, you have to decide whether you still want to continue the relationship with your tenant. Even though this relationship was meant to keep you happy, things have changed a lot now.

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