Sursuti-Li Part 3 Ullu Original Trailer Story, Cast Name

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The trailer of Sursuri-Lee Part 3 has been released on Ullu and YouTube channel. Sursuri-Lee is one of the most watched web series of Ullu. The audience of ISKA Part 3 is eagerly waiting. Finally Yeh web series is all set to release on 12th July on the official app of Ullu.

Sursuri-Lee Part 3 Trailer Review:- The story of the third part of Sursuri-Lee Ullu’s web series is about to begin with Sur’s honeymoon which would not have happened and would have got caught in a police case. When the police comes to know about Sur, he himself promises Sur that I am your sweetheart Manbanga. And the same deere taarf valid kamini will show love with bhabhi.

Sursuti-Lee Part 3 Actress Name :- (Mahi Khan as Kaamini, Nidhi Mahavan as Surili, Ajay Mehta as Sur)

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