Video of Anjali Arora in desi suit went viral, created havoc on the internet…

Video of Anjali Arora in desi suit goes viral

Viral video of Anjali Arora in desi suit Anjali Arora has become viral like a fire on social media after dancing to the viral video Kachha Badam. But even this was not limited because even after this Anjali Arora continues to win the hearts of the audience with the help of her videos on social media.

Recently, a new reel of Anjali Arora is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Recently, Anjali Arora’s dance wearing a suit in the green fields is going viral.

Anjali Arora

Anjali Arora has more than 12 million followers on social media alone. This girl, who is active on the Internet, keeps uploading her videos mostly on each and every song.

Anjali Arora

In the video which is going viral recently, Anjali Arora is not seen in the dance pose, but with her style, the atmosphere of the green fields has also become colourful.

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Anjali Arora

This video of Anjali Arora in the green fields is really commendable. Mostly Anjali Arora is seen in western clothes but for the first time Anjali Arora is being seen in desi style. This video is really worth watching.