What is special about WagonR 7 seater, which car can compete with…

What is special about WagonR 7 seater

What is special about WagonR 7 seater? Hello friends, today we are going to talk about the 7 seater model of WagonR. If you too were waiting for this news and waiting for 7 seater, then now your waiting time is over.

Want to tell that the 7 seater car of WagonR can be successful in competing with Ertiga somewhere. Today we are talking about the All New WagonR 2023.


If we talk about the looks, then somewhere this vehicle can compete with the Innova. Car maker Maruti showcased the WagonR seven seater concept model at the 2013 Indonesia Motor Show.

Recently this model was seen during testing in Delhi NCR. Since then, news is coming out that soon the car will be launched in the market.


Compared to the five seater WagonR, this vehicle is going to take longer to see. The length of the car can be less than 4 meters.WAGONR

Due to the increase in the length of the car, the third row seat can be comfortably installed in it. It will be comfortable for the kids. In this, the design of front bumper, grille, headlamp, rear bumper and taillamp can be different.