You can buy this Real Me smartphone for just Rs 3500 instead of Rs 13,000

You can buy this smartphone for just Rs.3500 instead of Rs.13000.

You can buy this smartphone for just Rs.3500 instead of Rs.13,000. Realme’s smartphone is very much liked by the people in the Indian market. One reason for this is that more features are available at affordable prices.

Here you get to see a strong battery and camera. When it comes to cheap and good mobile phones, Realme smartphones come to everyone’s mind.

If you are one of those customers, then let us tell you about such a smartphone (Smartphone under 5000) which can cost only Rs 3,550 instead of Rs 13,000.

Come, we are going to tell you how to buy a good smartphone at a low price. Realme C25Y is listed on Flipkart with a discount of 15%.

The price of this smartphone is 10999 instead of 12999. Many more offers are being seen on the smartphone, after which its price reduces even more.

Apart from a discount of Rs 2000, the Realme C25Y is also being sold in Flipkart with a bank offer. You can avail 5 percent discount by using Flipkart Axis Bank Card.

On paying this, you will be able to get the smartphone with a discount of Rs 650. After this, its price will be Rs 10,350 instead of Rs 10,999.

Flipkart is also giving an exchange offer of Rs.6800 on Realme C25. To get the full benefit of this, you will have to exchange a good condition smartphone.

Only after this it is possible that you will be able to get a discount of Rs 6,800, after which the price of the phone can be Rs 4,199 instead of Rs 10,999 for you. If you get full benefit of bank offer and exchange offer, then it can cost only Rs.3500.

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